The Neema House dream comes from humble roots: a missionary walking among a desperately poor and broken people longing for ways to show them the Kingdom as a present reality and thinking there must be a way to alleviate the suffering of these people! From this moment, Calvin and Alicia Groen, veteran missionaries in Tanzania, have been fighting to make Neema House a reality.

The work for Churches of Christ in the Mwanza Region of northern Tanzania began in the early 1990′s and has grown to a movement of over 60oo members in more than 120 village congregations among the Sukuma Tribe.  Calvin worked as a Church planter among the Sukuma from 2001 until 2008 until the Groen’s moved to Tennessee and worked with friends and supporters to get Neema House off the ground.  In early 2009 they moved back to Tanzania and currently reside in Geita where the Groens experience first hand some of the overwhelming social needs of this district.